Introvert’s struggle….

To post, or not to post….

I’m a thinker. I think so often that I also think that I should write down my thoughts because I would like to share them. But then I think that I wouldn’t want others to know my thoughts either. When asked if I have a blog by someone looking over my shoulder, I quickly say no because I don’t want to share (which at that point was true; this is my first writing and I am not certain I will share yet)…yet that is the whole point too…isn’t it?

Why would I not want to share?
Could it be that I fear you will not accept my thoughts?
I’m 42 yrs old and a mother of 9 and Nana to 3….What do I care what others think?
Well, we all are each different and I am a sensitive person that again…thinks A LOT. I actually believe that I OVERthink things. I’m working on it. Trust me, no matter what age and phase of your life, you too will have things that you will be working on to improve yourself.
Back to why I don’t always want to share my thoughts. I don’t like to argue. Somehow when one doesn’t like another’s point of view, it can cause arguments. Those arguments are normally the result of each person feeling as if the other does not understand/agree/accept him or her and can escalate into the old saying about ‘Two idiots arguing’. Personally, I will look like a idiot from time to time…but because I am a thinker that often does not like to share my thoughts, I will clam up and say nothing.
So help me out here….
I will try to not be such an introvert and post; And I hope there will be no arguments.

Maybe this should be my 365 challenge to myself…..(ugh, here is back to my thoughts on always needing to improve yourself or at least work on it) Maybe is passive. Did you get that? MAYBE is Passive and I need to improve and commit. Ok, I post this and that means I will have to commit to posting something each day….even if it is a simple thought.

Wait…how did this turn from being an Introvert trying to figure out the first post into trying to improve myself???? Ugh, my thoughts can be so confusing. haha

Day 1


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