Balance is so important in every aspect. If you don’t keep your feet balanced with the ground, you will certainly fall. If you don’t watch what you eat, you will gain too much weight. But if you never allow yourself a sweet splurge every now and then, you become a sugar crank and feel deprived and punished all the time. I have taught my children, “Everything in moderation”. While, of course, I could say everything is a bit too far also. Going from one extreme to another is not what I see as moderation. So I guess what I should have and now want to stress more of is Balance.

My children seem to think that I am a bit strict. Now, if you ask my adult children, they will admit that my strictness was justified and taught them responsibility, respect, and….well, you get it. Of course I am going to seem strict to a child, the child is a CHILD. But as they mature, there is a balance…I have to learn to let go while also hanging on just enough so they don’t get too hurt through the bumps and bruises of life.

I loved my father. I loved my mother. Heck, I didn’t even comprehend love before I was a mom at the age of 15 yrs old! I was married at 16 yrs old and had 3 children by the time I was 18yrs old. I always loved and lived to take care of someone else. I have sacrificed my career to be a supportive wife and mom. And while I love my children and would not give up them or my years at home with them, I have come to realize that I am 42 yrs old and still feel like I am always taking care of someone else. I feel like I am putting others before me so often that I have lost my balance.

I am not and I hope I have not been seen as a selfish person in my life. But I realize, after a failed marriage of 21 yrs, being a mom from 7 to become a mom of 9 upon my second marriage, Balance is extremely important. And while I am now recognizing this in my own time, know that I am working on it and will find that balance in due time.


Day 2


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