I have a tattoo of a quote from a Tolkien book, ‘Lord of the Rings’. The quote is, “Not all who wander are lost.” I am not a Tolkien or Lord of the Rings fan. Rather, I am a person that stumbled onto a bracelet with the quote and found that I never wanted to lose it. I have very few tattoos but this quote has always spoke volumes to me.

It is all a matter of perspective. I may appear to others as if I am wondering but I will have a direction. But there are times that I feel that I am wandering and lost but it is only because I have not learned yet that I was always on a path that God meant me to be.

I do not know what my or the greater purpose is in life. I sometimes think that the answer is LOVE but then reality will crush that thought again.
Even though I have struggles in life, as we all suffer, I don’t want to forget to hold onto that perspective that Everything happens for a reason. Just because I do not know that reason and maybe never will know the reason, it does not mean that I have to focus on the negative aspect.

And yet, I always feel unhappy…..I am a walking contradiction. I will find my path that will make me happy. Life’s bumps and bruises will help me recognize when I am truly happy. I’m working on it and it will happen in due time.


Day 3


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