How does coffee fit with In Due Time? Well, besides the obvious that I do not allow my children to drink coffee until the age of 16 yrs old…caffeine studies have shown that it can stunt growth in youth. Which, if you ask my 15 yr old daughter, she would tell you that it smells really good and she can’t wait to turn 16! However, if you ask one of my older children, coffee makes that one jittery and need to really poop. I saw a coffee cup that read on it, “Coffee makes me poop”. Is that a common happening? Sadly, the mug was in the shape of poop too…I passed buying it as a funny gift.

I remember when my father allowed me to drink coffee for the first time too when we went to a restaurant called Big Boy’s. Haha I thought I was a Big Girl that day! But then I tasted the coffee and couldn’t seem to figure out why everyone liked it so much. I tried sugar. I tried creamer. I tried milk. No, that coffee was gross but I smiled through it committed to drinking coffee with my dad, secretly wishing I just had ordered a soda instead. Coffee back then was no Starbucks! Seriously, I went back to ordering soda or hot cocoa at each of our later diner or IHOP visits.

I later learned that my mother drank “International Coffee”. Umm, I believe the only reason they named it International Coffee is because they had flavors like ‘French Vanilla’, ‘Suisse Mocha’, or ‘Cafe Vienna’. Honestly, these didn’t taste much of coffee as they were really an instant mix that had dried flavored creamer in it. To much my dismay, my mother also drank decaffeinated coffee. Now if that doesn’t scream it isn’t coffee, I don’t know what does. Coffee…without caffeine….how cruel. I later went through a phase where I did drink the “International Coffee” WITH caffeine….but then again, that phase didn’t last long and I went back to drinking water or soda again.

I am now in my 40’s….and I have found I like coffee. Ok, not just any coffee. I don’t want Starbucks (although there was a brief phase I enjoyed the Vanilla Bean Iced Frappuccino with a shot of espresso).  I don’t want an instant imitation wanna-be coffee. I want 8 o’clock coffee with Nestle Coffee-Mate Chocolate creamer. So here is the phase of my life where I would love to sit, chat and drink coffee for hours….and my Dad is missing it…or I’m missing my Dad.

My dad was a man who enjoyed his coffee and eating in greasy local diners.
It took me a while to get to this phase in my life.
So if you don’t like coffee right now, it’s ok.
Drink a soda with your dad because it will happen in due time.

Day 4


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