Protecting your privacy has changed dramatically over the years with technology. When I was a teenager, we were told that we had a permanent record that follows us through out our school career. I believe that was to pre-condition us to being afraid of a legal record following us upon reaching the legal maturity of 18 years old. But now, there is a permanent record…more like, a profile of everything you do on the internet.

If you have a social media account, you willingly post about your daily activities and even post pictures as proof of what you spend most of your free time doing. A profile is built tailored to your likes to help sale or even predict your future purchase activities. These predictive methods help to get you to do that monthly splurge to Genghis Grill or informs you of new technology about to hit the market. You have got to have it! If that isn’t enough, you also willingly answer surveys to profile yourself further into any other questions a 3rd party may ask. I have been participating in Google Rewards and I was actually asked if I agreed with the “UN Agenda”.  Of course Google Rewards often asks about my shopping activities, so what is up with Google asking my political views? Am I being categorized into a list of people who do or do not agree with one political view or another?

Blogging, Vlogging, Video Chattting, Youtube, Facebook Live and more….All of these virtual world social connections are recorded. If you think everything you post is not backed up into an archive complied and accessed upon proper inquiry, then you have blinders on. Even I have just willingly started to post my thoughts. If it were not for me writing here, my words would be caught up in my own head and you would never know my thoughts ever existed. To a certain extent, I do have anonmyity because unless you personally know me, you don’t know who I really am. However, my virtual profile is linked from one email account to another to IP address and even my birthday.

Which brings me to why I even started writing even though I truly value my privacy.
This is a different world. This is a virtual world. And while I have lost time with others stuck in my own head, at some point, someone may want to get to know me or learn who I was when I am gone. My divorce after 21 yrs changed my life to the point that I am not as close to my older children. They are adults and moved on…they start their own families and we touch bases when a holiday gives us the oppurtunity to get together.
But what when I am gone? Could my words that I write today help them later in life? Or what of my new marriage and family that came with it. Could they possibly want to understand me further by reading my thoughts and experiences?

Privacy and protecting yourself if very important in this day and age. But don’t guard yourself so much that you lose contact with others with physical limitations. Remember we each have phases that we go through. And while I am going through a phase that makes me realize that when I am gone, I want to still be there for my children when they may need my words and love. But I also secretly hope those also in my life will understand and appreciate me more knowing my views.

It’s not like I have revealed anything that is incredibly impactful…but you never know, in due time.

Day 5

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult Every move you make. Every click you take. Every game you play. Every place you stay. They’ll be watching you.


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