When I was younger, my parents were not involved in politics. Sure, my grandparents would religiously watch the news every night but they also watched Hee Haw and Wheel of Fortune following the news too. I never saw them get upset over much on the news and I certainly did not hear what they thought about how our government was doing at running our country. My father would normally fall asleep watching the news, so I didn’t have much interest either. We are taught history and the values of “checks and balances” of the government but nobody ever made a lasting impression on me to pay attention or be involved.

It wasn’t until I met my second husband that I starting pay attention, reading more, learning a lot, and becoming angry that I felt betrayed by a government that was supposedly working for The People. Before, politics to me was a bunch of suits being over paid to make laws that we don’t need or don’t understand until it is broken by someone and they served as the example for others not to do such an act. Just Google stupid laws and you will learn some pretty stupid laws some overpaid suits had to write down in the books. But now, I have learned that politics is like religion. Even if you don’t want to admit there is a God and a Devil, doesn’t mean those Powers that Be don’t have an affect or effect you. And to go further, it has been said on many of subjects, if you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything.

Do you know what it means to be a Conservative? Liberal? Libertarian? Republican? Democrat? Independent? Or how about what a social justice warrior is? Ugh, it is amazing to read and learn about “conspiracies” that actually turned out to be true! Documents that are no longer classified because so much time passed and government turn overs that someone deems it no longer “classified”. You read and discover that there has been a plan to demoralize, legalize, and conform society to a perverted form that our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of.

I am not going to tell you what my political views are at this given time. I am not that bold to share that much about myself yet. My point is this, we all want to have fun and enjoy life but you have to be sure you pay attention to the things that will have an impact on your pursuit to happiness. Pay attention, read the REAL news, don’t be lazy, know what is happening in the world and who is running it because you will be happy you did, in due time.

Day 6


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