Horror Movies…Day 8

I did not get to write yesterday (Day 8) because I didn’t have enough alone quiet time. I do not write well when there is a busy household happening in the background. Nor do I write well when I feel like someone is hanging over my shoulder. Even though I have committed myself to writing 365…I am not going to let myself become burdened by missing a day and feeling as if I have to double up the following day. This will cause stress and regret toward writing again. I want my writing to be beneficial, not harmful.

With that said, I will continue on with Day 8….

Horror movies. I think there is a certain personality type that enjoys horror movies. While I could link a study about the percentage of people thrilled to watch a horror movie, it seems there is a study out there that will manipulate the query or findings to interpret whatever you are wanting to use for your persuasion. There are statistics that say more men enjoy horrors than women; I am sure that must be true on the opposite spectrum that more women enjoy romance aka chick flicks more that of a man. But now I am getting into more complicated topics that should be reserved for future topics…back to personality types that enjoy horror. Or maybe I should say, there are personality types that do NOT enjoy horror.

Let’s face it, I was crying and totally upset when they ended the movie, ‘Marley and Me’ with Marley dying and no spark of happiness when the credits rolled over the screen. I was left expressing that someone should have warned me because I also had crying children at the end when I thought I would send them to bed with smiling feel good faces. Ugh! How horrible! I didn’t want the cruel world as a source of my entertainment that night! And when it comes down to it, I want my entertainment help me to smile, laugh, and feel refreshed enough to face the harsh cruel reality of life when that flickering light screen turns off.

I did title this Horror movies and there are some many types….Saw, The Conjuring,  Amityville Horror, The Shining, Jaws, Halloween, Ring, The Omen, Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and more… Their commonality is they all scare a person because it displays horrid and gruesome deaths. Why? Why would someone being cut fillet and eaten like that of Silence of the Lambs or The Walking Dead be entertaining? I do not enjoy watching one person have to murder another to save the lives of himself and his family as a source of entertainment to take me away of the cruel world. Actually, there are so many stories of real people being cruel, murderous, and doing heinous crimes against others that there have been many of shows dedicated to re-enacting their crimes.

I don’t know how else to explain that there are personality types, like me, that do not enjoy watching pain being inflicted on to others. I don’t even like watching those videos that shows someone doing something stupid and breaking an arm or leg. #EpicFails
I am getting older and don’t need to be reminded of death because the pain of life reminds me every time I wake. I need to be reminded that love is what life is about. What one knows in life, one will also know in death. I want my life to be joy, so in death my joy will multiply with heaven and my passed loved ones…in due time.

Day 8



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