Nerd… Day 9

I am nerd and I smile when I make that statement about myself. I don’t always feel nerdy but there are times the nerd inside me bubbles out. A nerd is a person that is not only socially inept but also a person who is intelligent in technical fields. Let me break this down into two parts, the socially inept and then the intelligent in technical fields.

When I was a little girl, I would cry when I was forced to go to the skating rink or to enter a new school. My mother and sister would encourage me and tell me that I was really good at making friends. Little did either of them know that I was actually very awkward at figuring out what to say that I often let others just talk. I would see a person that was often alone and say hi, the rest was all the doing of the other person talking because they were lonely looking for a friend. Ok, I also learned to ask questions that would prevent me from having to talk much either. I just never seemed to fit in any social aspect until the military. Clear rules were set and everyone was expected to serve by those standards. If you give me clear parameters, I will learn them and excel. However, take me to a party or some other large social gathering and I am a little girl again trying to figure out how to get out of it.

Enter in the intelligent in technical aspects. If you ask me, I would not claim to be Einstein but compared to many, I definitely have a bit more potential and active critical thinking skills than the average Joe or Jane you pass in the store. I will not name everything I am good at because, one, that is not humble and, two, I haven’t really sat down to make such a narcissistic list. So, as a brief example, tonight I started speaking of the magnets fields and pole movement having an effect on the climate cycles; in conjunction with the solar weather…and all of this was started by my daugther making a statement about hoping to get more snow this season. Poor girl, she was trying to say good night and I made her eyes glass over; hey, that should count as something…maybe I helped her fall asleep! The conversation was ended with me stating that I am a nerd and that I love her. Before she said good night back, she told me that she likes nerds that they end up being some really interesting people. She made me smile.

Maybe you know a person that was or is socially inept and can make your eyes glass with technical topics. If you do, just call that one a nerd with love because that nerd will come to smile back…in due time.

Day 9


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