Third point of view…Day 12

I have often heard, “There are two sides to a story.” But that line leaves out the possibility of another point to view; it would actually be better if you learned how to have a third point of view. To have a third point of view would mean that each party is equally heard and understood. That would mean that even though you may not agree with me, you are still open enough to understand the logic of the other point of view. If you can achieve this, then you will have a third point of view.

However, this does not always happen with both parties. Often, one party is able to see that third point of view but does not get the sense the other comes to the same view. Quite often the person that achieves third point of view will start to build resentment and lack of equality.

Take the time to view both sides.
Know that if you want to be treated a certain way, you must serve as an example.
BUT, also know that you can not change anyone else other than yourself. If the other will never see your point of view, it is better to walk away than to build resentment. Resentment builds over time and can poison any relationship….in due time.


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