Tact…Day 13

Just because you like honey, doesn’t mean you should find a hive and poke it.
There are many ways to approach things in life. While being honest is what you need in a good relationship and communication, how you say things to another is important too…it is called tact.

Tact can be a tricky concept to learn. Especially, you if you are wanting to effectively communicate, you have to be thoughtful to how you piece your words together. Honestly, being tactful can be very taxing on the brain; so much that there are times that I choose to say nothing at all.

Some say that they can not be honest AND tactful. It takes a special kind of person to be able to choose their words carefully enough to continue the open communication. But let’s be honest here, you may have a well seasoned tactful person with a person that has no care of tact at all and the open communication will still come to a halt. Therefore, tact should be a concept that we try to use often; especially with those we love. In fact, to take care and use your tact shows a person how much you do care and appreciate one to keep the communication progressing.

While I am not always the most tactful person, I can also be known to say things with grace. I do feel I am a bit out of practice because others around me are not quite so tactful…but this is something I want to work on a get back to being good at again…in due time.


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