Roles…Day 14

Sometimes we play a role on someone’s life that could be profound. You could be the Emergency Medical Technician that serves the role of saving your life. But sometimes you could also be effected by the role someone else may play in your life. You will not always know the role that you or someone else will play, so be sure that you play that role to your best ability.

My daughter is going to college to become a Paramedic. I worry, of course, because I am a mother. The role she will have to take on is a strong and calm role. I am not worried that she will not be able to do it. No, that girl can do anything she sets her mind to. But I worry because there are several roles she will have to take on in her life that could cause her to question her own role from time to time. A paramedic can not save everyone. While saves and helping others is the role of the EMT/Paramedic, there are times that God has other plans.

To my daughter, if you should ever read this…Don’t ever lose sight that God does what HE sees fit. God will help you and others but there are times that He does not. It is not your job to be God. It is your job to do His will, thy will be done. I love you. I am your biggest fan and I will ALWAYS be here in triumphs or even if you just need to cry.

Roles…we all have several parts…do your best always and maybe you will learn the profound role you had…in due time.


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