Slow down…Day 15

I am getting to the age that I feel as if time is speeding up. I can remember things back to when I was only 2 yrs old; things seemed so fast and I never had enough time to absorb everything. As I aged, I couldn’t wait to grow up and enjoyed the fast pace so much that I had a house full of 7 children and still found time to throw in other jobs here and there. But now, I realized that time stayed the same but with maturity I was able to keep up. I can no longer keep up the same speedy pace and see now I wish I would have slowed down sooner to savor the moments more.

My babies are growing up and some even having babies of their own. My other babies are either in college, getting ready for college, or dreaming of the things they plan on doing when they are “grown”…of which being only a few years away.

I see my babies having babies and it has me in awe that I did all that and then some. I see the cycle of life and I realized as this circle has made me a Nana, I want to slow down again and try to take everything in because it is just zooming by too fast. I am looking forward to more weddings, more births, more graduations, more happy tearful times.

So, if you have a mom that hugs you a bit longer or sends you a text telling you she loves you… Or maybe a Nana that calls you to come bake or have cookies with her… Take the time to let that one know that you love her because she is one of your biggest fans!

I love you, Ma…even though you don’t even know that I have written this, I am okay with you not knowing of my writing because I have told you how much I love and appreciate you. I’m sorry I had to come to know how much I love you with the wisdom of time…but that’s the point…in due time.

Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman


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