Pajamas…Day 17

From the time that we are little ones, we have been changed into pajamas for bed. There was nothing like a nice warm bath and some snuggly pajamas to get you ready for a slumber. The pajama attire can come in many forms from snuggly to sexy. Personally, I prefer the snuggly and never desired anything more than what serves for my cozy bedtime.

Why do we have pajamas for bed and not just go to bed in the clothes we did out day long activities in? Well, I explain to my children quite often that your daily activities show on your clothes, even if you don’t see it. The daily germs, bugs, and viruses will cling to your clothes. Someone else is sick and sneezes or coughs on you, it is best to not take those germs to bed and incubate in them. Therefore, you most hygienic solution is to shower and put on your clean pajamas before bed.

But there is another flip side…staying in your pajamas beyond or too long into your daily activities. Sure, I am not one to get up immediately and get dressed. I tend to lag around getting coffee and going to the bathroom. But once I am ready to start my day, it is time to get dressed. Have you ever stayed in your pajamas all day long? You were probably either sick and in bed or just did not have a very productive day. I think getting up and getting dressed for the day helps one to be ready to accomplish more and encourages you to not be lazy throughout the day.

Then there are people I have seen go to the store in their pajamas. Ok, I just have to be honest and tell you, if you go to the store in your pajamas you look like a lazy bum that couldn’t even bother to look presentable. If I see you in the store shopping in your pajamas, I am going to hope that you are sick and just stopping to get what will remedy your ailment.

And last, but not least as to why pajamas are so important AND why I have never understood why or how some people could sleep withOUT pajamas….
Fire! Fire!
What if there was a fire? Do you run around trying to get everyone out naked? Do you run out while the house is a blaze without a stitch of clothing on and all your clothes are in the burning house? What the heck? There is no way I would want to have to worry about throwing on clothes or standing outside in my skin for all to see in such a tragedy.

Pajamas can be great when worn properly. So, enjoy some great pajamas and if you don’t have any great pajamas, maybe you should go out and find the right pair that will make you smile and say, “Now those will make me snuggly, warm, and happy in bed”…in due time.


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