Food reaction…Day 18

I had a food reaction to eating out last night. I was not able to post and I still feel a bit sluggish. I wasn’t wanting to admit to myself that I was having a reaction and even when I did admit it to myself, I forgot to take allergy meds right away.

It isn’t easy to sit in a restaurant and start to feel this reaction begin to kick in. At first I think I am just too full and stop eating. I try to ignore it and join in the conversation. But then the shakes and the faster heart beat kicks in and it is hard to avoid. By the time I get to that point, I am just wanting to lay down and rest. But the rest becomes unrest when I feel like I have to spend a bit of time in the bathroom. If you have ever had to sit on the toilet and hug a trashcan at the same time, you can be empathetic to my pain.

I have found that the allergy pill helps a lot though and now I need a bit more rest.
I know I will feel better…in due time.


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