Stay Calm…Day 19

My daughter had an accident today. She was her typical self that went full force peddling her bike towards a bike ramp she had never tried before. Needless to say, the ramp won and her chin needed stitches. My older daughter was with her and called me right away. I could hear her voice staying calm but also wanting to get her point across that her sister was hurt and needed me. I was proud that she stayed calm.

Once my daughter whom was hurt saw me and I confirmed for her after looking at her chin that she needed stitches, she started to get wide eyed and scared. I told her to look at me in the eyes and told her that she was fine and to stay calm. I reminded her this a few times and it seemed to help. Maybe it was just me keeping myself calm…

But I realized that each time an emergency happens, my first reaction is to hurry up and get there!!!! But once I start to feel like I things are speeding up, I remind myself to slow down and stay calm. Staying calm is always the best way to approach an emergency. If you stay calm, your field of vision widens and you can see and think more clearly.
So, lesson today here kiddos? When you feel like things start to spiral out of control and your field of vision narrows, take a deep breath, slow down, and stay calm.

All turned out fine, 7 stitches, a cool story, some smiles and laughs later, being the better medicine. Kids will be kids and get bumps and bruises throughout their phases of life. And the wound will heal…in due time.


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