Helping someone else organize…Day 20

I helped a friend with a task today. She will be moving soon and needed to organize her garage. It was definitely over packed with boxes and totes. I wish I had a before and after picture to show the progress that was made. But it truly made me realize that I am not the only one with the same problem I had.

We all collect things through the years. We have our childhood years that we want to hold onto some things to remind us of those carefree days. Then there is parenthood. Our children grow and go through so many phases, it is hard to find places for things they no longer need, want, or have grown out of. There are countless pictures and keepsakes made by their little hands with love just for you when you were the star in the sky to them. For one reason or another, we all seem to collect things through our lives and those things can soon become a storage shed or garage full that will suddenly seem impossible to tackle.

Today, my friend felt this way and called on me for help. I didn’t really feel like I was helping all that much in the beginning. I found like item boxes that could be condensed from 3 boxes to 1. She had a large trailer that moved the re-packed totes and boxes into for later moving. I even organized the like rooms to different sides of the trailer. After a few hours, some very dirty hands, and a bit of sweat, her garage was 3/4 empty! She admitted that each time she looked at the garage, she didn’t know were to start. But when you get someone else that is not attached to the belongs and not wanting to reminisce upon opening each box, the job was easier to tackle.

It was nice to look back at the garage when it was time for me to leave knowing that I did a good thing for a friend today. And while I know we all seem to collect stuff through the years for sentimental reasons, we can’t keep everything and you at some point have to let some of the stuff go too…in due time.


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