Spring is coming…Day 21

2017-02-08_10-21-22Spring is coming and that brings so many different things for me.
Spring brings home based school state testing. I will have to have to take each child for testing on different days. This is part of the public internet home based school my children attend. While I do no mind taking them for testing, it is when this testing occurs that makes it more difficult.

Spring brings in more business for my seasonal work. My husband and I are self-employed doing lawn care maintenance. While the job may not be taxes on the intellectual mind of doing taxes or auditing bills, my job comes with physical challenges, endurance, and a strong will to provide a professional service. While you may not want to go outside to face the seasonal allergens, the bugs, heat, dirt, and even dog poo…I am out there going from one yard to another doing the tough and dirty job with as much efficiency as possible to get through to the next yard. All the while I have to be sure to pay attention to detail to ensure the full professional service.

Spring brings back the growth, and if you do not know, it is best to mow and bag all the dead growth and remove the lingering leaves from the winter to ensure that your new grass growth is not hindered. When we are mowing and bagging the old growth, we are getting extremely dirty from the dust, dirt, and debris. This new growth pollen, mold from old ground cover, dust from the debris being mulched and bagging brings on allergies.

So, while Spring brings the lots of busy to and forth with the kids testing and work being exhausting and tough, I am looking forward to it! I am looking forward to getting my wintered body back into shape. I enjoy the physical high of knowing I am in excellent physical shape at my age. While I have slowed a bit over the years, I am still happy with the job that I do. I am excited that Spring brings warmer weather that gets me outside where life grows all around you. I’m looking forward to the sun kissing my skin to a nice dark toasted color. I look forward to the starting another season and I pray that we get more profitable business too…in due time.


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