Acne…Day 22

Acne…such a horrible word that makes one think eww. Acne is a part of life no matter what your age. Babies tend to get what is called “baby acne”. That is caused by the hormones from mom to baby within a couple of months after birth. Of course there are the teens years when one’s hormones are raging into puberty. I haven’t met a teen yet that ever went through his or her puberty stages without being hit with a acne stick, good or bad. But I have found that no matter the age, we all suffer acne.

When I was a teen, all I was told was that I would grow out of it. Sure, I grew out of being a teen with acne into being a woman that would suffer a flare up once a month with my period. Just when I thought I would have a nice clear complexion, up boiled an ugly pimple with my period. It wasn’t enough that I had to deal with the pain from my period but I also would have to tend to a growing mountain on my face that I would then have to judge to pop or leave alone. Yes, I know dermatologists say to not pop them…but come on, we all have been there.

Later I learned that being pregnant came with its own set of acne. Pregnancy not only beings on MORE hormones but also more oil production. Have you ever heard of a pregnant woman has that shine or a glow about her? Yeah, the truth is, the shine or glow is extra oil production. Thank again Mother Nature for another round of “don’t look at me” face.

Now that I am past my baby, teen, puberty, and pregnancy years, I hoped that I would have more clear skin. And while I do not have the common monthly flare ups anymore, I do still have acne. Spring comes and my allergies will come out through my skin too. Or my job doesn’t exactly keep me clean, since I work outside with dirt, grass, and weeds stuck to me for hours, does not help to stop blackheads. Eww, that’s another acne form…blackheads. I don’t care what a dermatologist says, those blackheads do NOT come out on their own. I have seen some people leave them and it just makes their pore bigger and bigger. By the time the black head is removed, the pore is a large hole and may not go back down to the once smaller size.

So if acne is so common, why do we all feel so embarrassed by it? Why would I feel so insecure that I would not ask my husband to help me with one that I can not reach or see myself? In fact, even other animals get acne. Before the skin of a cow is stretched and pulled into leather, it has to be expressed of any flaws aka acne.

And before I leave the subject, let me just say that ProActiv does NOT work!!! Ok, it didn’t work for me. It actually made my skin crack and bleed. When I tried to call to report it the company, I was told to keep using it and my skin would get use to it. Umm….well, I tried for a couple months and no…my skin looked like I was burned. Sorry ProActiv, your product was NOT for me!

I know I am not a young doe anymore and my looks are still important to me. But know that no matter your age, you will have acne. There will be good days and good picture too to remind you of your younger self, just know that the acne will go away too…in due time.



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