Fake News…Day 26

I am not one to frequent Facebook but when I do, I find there are always news articles that give you a headline to make you believe one thing but when you research the article, you find that it was exaggerated or just really embellished to get more clicks. In fact, I remember before Facebook started being the thing, my mother would forward me supposed news articles that I would have to then tell her that were not true and were just a story that some details were changed and cycled through the years but were verified as being NOT true. Often one would find Snopes would be a site that would give the scoop on any bogus email chains.

Now news has changed with our advancement of technology. We get news within minutes of the event and often can find a live feed on Youtube. There are numerous alternate news sources that give you the scoop and the links to verify the information is true. But there is the problem, with more independent and alternative news sources popping up everyday, the old school mass media is on the decline. With that decline comes any news story to get the clicks or hits or views.

What is a person to do with all these sources and to find the Real news?

When I do post anything, I try not to post anything that is too political because I have family on both sides of the spectrum. I know that some of the things that I feel should be said would hurt their feelings so I don’t post. It doesn’t stop them from posting…but then I am not one that likes confrontation. However, during this past election, I did comment on some news articles to some family members telling them that they should check the facts of both sides before making a decision. While I thought that was sound advice, I was asked for articles. I posted articles from reputable news sources but I was then ignored. I guess the facts were not well received.

So what is the point? There really is such thing as “Fake News”. You need to put on your critical thinking hat and look at a story. What is really being said? Is there information left out to sway you? Journalists use to go after the real story because they knew the truth was more news worthy than some embellished details. While society has gone off the deep end always looking for the most insane off your rocker story, I believe there is a counter movement happening…we want the real news…we want facts to back up the story. Don’t be afraid to read beyond the bullet points of a news article. Read the full article and don’t be afraid to use the tools at your fingertips to verify because if you truly stop and look at the facts of the full spectrum, then you will know the Real News…in due time.

Bernie Sanders calls CNN Fake News and more

Conservatism is the New Counter Culture


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