Zum Bar…Day 29

This is not an advertisement. Since I have not been feeling well with a lingering headache, I thought I would touch on something that I enjoy when I am not feeling well.

Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap

I use to enjoy Bath and Body Works and don’t get me wrong, I hope that store never discontinues the Moonlight Path scent! But my mother-in-law recently introduced me to Zum Bar during a grocery trip. I immediately fell in love with the Lavender-Lemon & Patchouli bar! At first I reluctant because the soap costs $1.59 per oz at our local store but my mother-in-law said she would buy it because we all need a small splurge every now and then. I was so grateful for her buying me that first bar because I was even more captivated by it when I showered!!! The shower was filled with the scent and after the first time I showered with it, I walked around the rest of the day thinking that everything smelled really good…but then my daughter commented about every time I walk by, she could smell me and my Zum Bar. It made me smile.

So, even if I am not feeling well, I will focus on the positive and look forward to the shower…when I can squeeze in my turn after mommy chores…in due time.

Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap


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