Lack of appetite…Day 31

I don’t know what it is right now but I go through phases where I have no appetite. I will go all day sipping on coffee, water or soda. I might grab a chip off my child’s plate and smile at him or her but when the day comes to an end, I don’t always eat a meal. I know this is bad, not only for my body and health but also a poor example to my children. 

I have explained to my children that while they need 3 meals a day and even snacks in between, it is because they are growing. As adults, we don’t need as much as a child because we are no longer growing upwards…rather, adults tend to grow outwards with age. Often the metabolism slows down with age and with that, less food is required for intake. Furthermore, as we age we also slow down, again, requiring less calorie intake. 

With all that said, when I have a lack of appetite, it is concerning to me. I am not a sedimentary person. When I am not up and doing a chore around the house, I am working a physically demanding job from Spring through Autumn. I expend a lot of calories doing my job and if I do not eat enough, my muscles feel it and I hate the shakey feeling. Because of my job demanding I eat, I often find myself struggling to think of something I may want. 

I often tell my children that if they crave a certain food, it is because the body will tell you what it needs with those cravings. But what when you don’t have any cravings like myself? The other day I remembered that I forgot to eat and with it being late with the kids just going to bed, I didn’t want to make anything or a mess in a kitchen where the dishwasher is already loaded and running. So I would not go to bed without having eaten that day, I ate a blueberry muffin…Ugh! It was a chore to just chew and get the muffin down! I wanted to throw it away after my first bite. But I ate it and then convinced myself to eat my common go to food…Triscuits and cheese. 

To make matter worse, my husband and I do not like the same foods. While he would prefer tamales and beens, I prefer a burger and fries. This makes for a struggle with making dinner for the family because when you blend two families with different tastes for food…dinners don’t always make everyone happy. It ends up being cheaper to buy sandwich making, Mac n cheese, frozen pizza, and other kid friendly foods for dinners. The other reason for not making full dinner meals every night is there will be leftovers from meal we have made and we can’t afford to waste food. So…Meals here for me isn’t my fondest time of day and I tend to avoid it. Hence, I have no appetite.

Until then, I guess I will stick to Triscuits and cheese with hopes my appetite will come back…In due time. 


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