Feeling unloved…Day 36

Quite often I feel unloved. I am a mother that has to reprimand, deliver consequences, be the enforcement, the one that says no, give hard advice, and even the person that is viewed as a warden or hard ass. But I have feelings too. I clean up after you and you don’t even know it. I take care of the small things you don’t even think about before they become a gigantic problem. I am the one that remembers each person’s birthday, likes and dislikes, thinks of you when no one else does, and tries to get you to reach for your best.

I am often the person that is greeted by yelling, an argument, complaints, pains, scratches to stitches, and complete disrespect. You would think after how much I do for all those around me that those would not have an issue with expressing appreciation or follow through with chores and responsibilities. You would think that even how much I care for even my dog that she would whine for me instead of my husband who only acts as a cuddler to her.

No, I am feeling unloved and unappreciated. And when I am gone, they will learn the role I served…In due time.


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